Building Your First Creative

Adding Your First Creative

In this walk through, we'll explain how to setup your creative in Exit Monitor. After creating a campaign you will be brought to the creative page.

Click Add New Creative and enter your desired creative name and click next to move on.

Select A Creator Option

You have three options to choose from for setting up a creative. Those options include our builder (coming soon), code editor, and professional. For the purpose of this walk through, we'll be using the code editor option. Click create now under the editor option to move on.

Code Editor Creator

Once in the code editor you will be presented with the first step in setting up your creative called Manage Fields. For our creative walk through, we'll be needing a email field that is required. Select email from the Field Name drop down and select required. When you're finished click Add Field. Now when you're ready click next to move on to the next step.

Our next step is called Main. In this step you will enter your HTML and CSS into the code editor. A preview of your creative will be shown in the preview window above.

Once your styles are setup correctly you will need to make sure your form is setup to work with our system. The below code example will help explain that. Pay close attention to the way the opening <form> is setup.

<form name="exitmonitor">
          <input name="email" type="text" />
          <button data-em="button" type="submit">Tell Me More</button>

Now that your Main creative screen has been setup you can click Next located beneath the code editor on the bottom right

The next step is called Choose Confirmation. In this step you have the option to choose whether you would like to have a conformation page or just simply redirect the popup to another url. For this walk through, we'll be adding a conformation page. Select Confirmation Page and then click next to move on to the next step

The last and final step in setting up your creative is called Confirmation. This step is identical to that of our Main step. In this step we will simply be editing the copy and design to display a thank you message.

Install & Verify

Now you're ready to install your creative on your website. Copy the embed code in the text box and follow the instructions for pasting it into your websites source code. Once you have inserted the embed code into your website click Verify Install. Thats it, you're ready to start converting!

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